exploring late-life & Geriatric Adolescence

exploring late-life & Geriatric Adolescence

exploring late-life & Geriatric Adolescenceexploring late-life & Geriatric Adolescenceexploring late-life & Geriatric Adolescence


      October Years, when sixty or seventy describes us, make for a different sort of fiction. Our priorities are changing. Tried and trusted answers may no longer apply. At times it seems that life is coming at us from a totally different direction.

      Those are the times I explore in the THE TANNER CHRONICLES---novel-length stories of seniors coping with changing circumstances and the loneliness of life lived alone. Some of us, alone for the first time in decades, will find ourselves poised on the verge of a Geriatic Adolescence.....surprised to learn the youthful dreams we were sure we had outgrown still have a hold on us..

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      The October Years noted above are the ground I till in The Tanner Chronicles---stories set in Tanner,Oregon, a place that happens to look a lot like my home town. Each of these tales shines a light on a particular part of the Tanner population---those who have reached their October or November years. (I refuse to let ‘December’ describe me.)

      That universe of aging, often solitary survivors is larger than you might think. And though they are a disparate bunch, each of them has spent decades dealing with life "up close and personal," creating experiences that lend depth and texture to their stories.

      You will meet the lonely ones---seeking the "someone" who can help him or her overcome the emptiness of life lived alone. Some, confronting those "first time" feelings for the second time, will be as timid and confused as teenagers. Others will find that "Geriatric Adolescence" surprisingly familiar.

      Others will be coping with life-changing circumstances they had not seen coming---a spouse's infirmity, financial realities that threaten their very relationship, or couples torn apart by incompatible priorities.

      I invite you to visit these inhabitants of Tanner's senior side to see how they deal with their own October reality. Who knows, you may meet someone you know, perhaps someone who looks a lot like you.



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